Mountain Lions Sleep Pattern – Are They Nocturnal?

Throughout most of the day, mountain lions will be out of sight, resting. However, they are definitely not nocturnal animals as they can be active at any time.

They tend to be most active at dusk or dawn as this is when their prey (deer) is the most active, so mountain lions sleep anytime outside of these times.

Where Do Mountain Lions Sleep?

If you’ve recently moved into an area known to have mountain lions in the vicinity then you’re probably wondering where they sleep and hoping that it’s not near your property.

Fortunately for you, it’s unlikely that they will be sleeping close to your property unless you live near caves or dense brush as this is the usual areas that they will rest.

If you have a pet cat at home then they are much alike and seek out tight alcoves to rest as this is where they feel most comfortable thanks to the protection from their surroundings.