How to Get Rid of Raccoons Humanely/Naturally

Get rid of raccoons guide (Attic, Yard and Garden veggie patch)

Our Aim – is to remove any reason for a raccoon to visit your property and once ou method is fully implemented it will reduce the chance of them damaging your property and harming your pets too.

We believe in the remove, deter and repel method and this has proven to work time and time again.

If you have one of the following problems then this guide is for you…

Common Raccoon problems;

  1. Pooping in your yard
  2. Nesting in your attic
  3. Living in your basement
  4. Attacking your pets
  5. Killing your livestock
  6. Damaging your veggie garden
  7. Illness from bites or poop

Please note: This guide will not involve killing, shooting, trapping or deliberately harming raccoons. 

Our methods include removing attractants via good housekeeping, applying effective deterrents and finally installing repellents to permanently keep raccoons away and unlike other methods, these work… 

What is Attracting the Raccons?

Raccoons EatingA raccoon in the wild can travel up to 18 miles a day to forage for food such as mice, rats, and squirrels to feed itself and its family.

Consider the amount of effort, energy and time the raccoon has to use to capture these small creatures.

Whereas the raccoon that has moved into your neighborhood has a plentiful supply of food, all within a square mile and all this food is supplied by you and your neighbors.

Are you still surprised you have a massive raccoon problem?

With food sources such as; leftover garbage, cat or dog food left outdoors, fresh fish (pond), chickens from your yard, small pets that you own and crops from your garden.


How to Stop Attracting Raccoons to Your Yard (Removal)

There’s a good chance that the raccoons in and around your yard are being attracted by an easy food source or a safe place to raise the kits and to get rid of your raccoon problem we first need to eliminate both of these raccoon attractants.

This first step is the ‘removal step’ where we will show you exactly what items are attracting the raccoons to your home.

Here’s a list of the most common food sources that encourage raccoons to enter your property for mealtime.

Reinforce Your Garbage Can

Raccoon eat out of a garbage can

TIP 1 – Firstly I recommend that all bags of trash are very securely tied and ideally double bagged before placing in the can.

Your trash can outdoors is one of the reasons why a raccoon is entering your yard.

This preventative tip above will not stop a raccoon from tearing open a bag of trash but it will help reduce and contain the smell and help stop the raccoons being attracted by it.

There’s nothing more delicious to a coon than the leftovers from your tasty meals, ensure that you dispose of them properly.

Products You Could Buy

Peppermint Essential Oil

To hide the smell of the food in the bag from a raccoon you can add a few drops of peppermint essential oil both inside the bag and on top of it once you’ve placed it in the trash.

Raccoons don’t like the smell of mint and it will also hide the smell of the contents whilst also making your garbage smell better to you too.

Garbage Can Straps

This very strong strap for your garbage can lid works great and is easily fitted over the regular 95-gallon standard can lid and is available at a very affordable price on Amazon.

It’s very easy to attach by humans and very difficult for wild animals to remove.

Remove Bird Seed in Feeders

Bird feeder

TIP 2 – Remove all bird or wildlife feeders you have in your yard.

A lot of families enjoy feeding the birds and whilst it can be very relaxing watching those small birds enjoying the treats, these treats also attract lots of unwanted pests, such as the raccoon and friends.

You can purchase raccoon and squirrel proof bird feeders but at this stage, we want to give raccoons absolutely no reason to visit our yard.

Therefore, we are advising that you remove these wildlife feeders and any other similar kind of feeding device that may be on your yard.


What is the Best Raccoon Repellent

There are lots of raccoon repellent products that can help you remove unwanted raccoons from your yard, attic, garden, and neighborhood.

These best products available are:

  • Urine
  • Sprays
  • Granules
  • Electronic and ultrasonic repeller units
  • Sprinkler/jet sprays
  • and some will even buy large pets (not recommended) .

Check out my guide of each type of repellent to find what is the best repellent for you to use for your raccoon problem.

Sometimes a combination of these products can work wonders, whereas some will find that one particular product will work great without having to buy numerous products.

Best Urine to get rid of Raccoons

Often mimicking natural wildlife habits can be the best way to remove raccoons or other wild nuisances from your property. 

The natural predators of the raccoon are the; coyote, wolf, bobcat, and cougar so using their urine to spread around your property to create a scent to deter raccoons is a great ploy to removing your raccoon problem.

Here are the predators of the raccoon and there urine is available to buy on

Urine Image Rating Buy
Wolf A++ See on Amazon
Coyote A- See on Amazon
Bobcat B See on Amazon

 How to Use Animal Urine on Raccoons

Below you can understand a little more about what products are available, how much they are and  different types of urine and the benefits and possible side effects they may have.

There is also a guide right at the bottom of this section where we give you a guide on how to best use predator urine to get rid of raccoons.

Predator Pee  100% Pure Wolf Urine Liquid


You will find the urine of the wolf to be very effective in keeping raccoons away, getting rid of them if you have a current problem, as well as being effective of getting rid of other nuissance pests such as; rats, squirrels, coyotes, deer and many more destructive animals.

See price on Amazon

Should you have problems with a wide range of destructive wild animals such as; coyotes, deer, raccoons, rats, skunks etc, then using wolf pee is by far the best choice to repell or deter these nuissance animals from your property as they are the highest in the food chain of the recommended urines above.

It’s even been known to keep bears away!

AuSable® – 1 Gallon of Pure Coyote Urine

Coyote pee is ideal to spread around your yard and similar to the wolf pee it absolutely stinks, although that would be expected to be honest.

See price on Amazon

I would highly recommend this product especially to help you get rid of raccoons.

However, I would not use this product if you have a coyote problem too because whilst it will make the raccoons scarper, it can also act as an attractant to coyotes, so your raccoon problem may turn into a coyote problem.

Predator Pee – 100% Bobcat Urine

Bobcat urine is normally recommended to get rid of smaller animals such as mice, rats and squirrels but can be effective on raccoons too.

See price on Amazon

Personally, I would buy the wolf urine first and see how you get on with that first.

How To Use Predator Urine Effectively

Firstly, this guide should only be followed once you have removed all possible food sources for the raccoons because ultimately you want to give a raccoon no reason to visit your property.

33 Day Dispensers by Predator Pee

This product is made by the same manufacturer as 2 of the recommended urine products above but all types of urine can be used inside it.

Basically, they are containers for the urine to go into that preserve the smell to prevent any degradation by both wind and rain.

They are very effective and means that you don’t have to keep applying the urine daily or after heavy rainfall or very windy weather.

This product ensures that this problem does not take over your life, as it did mine when I had the problem.


Situate these little holders around the perimeter of your property to ensure that these pests don’t even enter the edge of your yard.

You may notice that the raccoons try to take a different route to your yard instead, if this happens it may just be a case of altering the positions of the holders to cater for this.

As well as the holders, I have also soaked rags in the urine and wrapped them around small trees and fence posts. 

This can help get the scent to places where the holders cannot be attached and when its windy the material will move to help scare the raccoons away.







4 Types of Raccoon Repellent (That Work)

1. Natural Raccoon Repellents

No shooting, humane ways of repelling allowed

It’s 2018 and fast approaching 2019 and as responsible people we need to stop or at least reduce our use of toxic chemicals to get rid of our problem pests.

You don’t need to attempt to poison or kill a problem raccoon to get if off your property, there are far more humane ways of getting rid of a raccoon.

So what natural deterrants will keep raccoons away from your property?

You may of guessed it but spraying the urine of one of the raccoons many predators is a great way of getting rid of raccons and this can quite often work extremely well.

The use of predator urine to get rid of problem animals is becoming more and more popular as it is natures most natural way of stopping other animals entering their territory.

Therefore, its a perfect way to stop raccoons from entering your yard, garden or attic as the raccoons believe there is something there that could or will kill them.  (It would definitely stop me in my tracks anyway)

Where do I use predator urine to stop raccoons?

So you’ve bought some coyote, wolf or bobcat urine and you want to know how to use it best to keep raccoons at bay, then here’s some help for you.

Check out some of the popular places where raccoons tend to cause problems below and follow my guide to help you remove your raccoon problem.

How to remove Raccoons from my yard?

Raccoons entering your yard can lead to lots of problems because once they enter your yard they then have access to your garden if you have one and then soon they’ll be looking to get into your attic or basement.

This can potentially be a huge problem if left and they’ll take over your life…
Step 1 – Remove Attractants

Before you begin to coat the raccoon problem areas in your yard you need to remove the things that attract raccoons in the first place.  By simply pouring urine will not stop raccoons from entering your yard, they will just be extremely cautious whilst foraging.

(Raccoons are extremely smart and learn very quickly)



Hole in Roof

If you have raccoons in your attic and you want to get rid of them real quick then there’s gonna be some hard work involved as they are sneaky and clever blighters…

Are your circumstances similar to the one in the picture?

Have they got in by climbing onto the roof area and ripped tiles away or maybe something similar.

Are they annoying you as you can hear them scratching and making noises

It’s now time to do something to get rid of these raccoons and here’s exactly what you should do if you want rid and FAST!!!

10 Tips to Remove Raccoons from your Attic

Firstly, this can be quite dangerous as you could be bitten but on the other hand, it is the much cheaper way of removing coons from your attic space.  It’s your decision…

Tip 1 Using Ammonia


Raccoons have a very good sense of smell and are therefore extremely subtle to strong smells (which is probably what attracted them in the first place to your home, food).

They also have a massive intolerance (like most humans do) to ammonia and the very smell of this can help encourage them to pack their bags and leave your home.

Raccoons absolutely hate the smell of ammonia.

How to Get Rid of Coons with Ammonia?

Remember, we are trying to get raccoons to leave the attic, therefore you should not place ammonia near the entry/exit area as it could move the coons into a more awkward place in your attic.

Method 1

You can soak tennis balls in ammonia and then roll them towards the location of the coon or coon and family.  Don’t throw them too hard otherwise the ball will just come rebounding back.

Method 2

You could buy water balloons, fill them with ammonia and throw them towards them/it.  This isn’t really the most sensible idea as you may cause a mother raccoon to become even more irate as they are already very defensive of their kits.

It could be a better way of targeting an area where the coon is situated and safe enough for you to throw it and then remove yourself quickly enough from danger.

Method 3

Soak a rag or an old pair of socks in ammonia and place in the attic, this can be a cheaper way of spreading the smell of ammonia and a good reason to replace your old socks :-).

Method 4

Do you have a small handheld fan that you use in the summer months when temperatures are unbearable?

Then get the fan and place it on the floor and pour some ammonia into a bowl and place it just in front of the fan and point in the direction of the coons.

The smell will help drive the coons from the attic whilst the noise of the fan will also annoy them too.

Tip 2 - Bright Lights

Bright Lights

Raccoons are primarily nocturnal, therefore, although you can see them out and about during the day, they do prefer to be most active mostly during the night.

Whilst they can comfortably tolerate the light of day, they absolutely hate very bright lights so this in itself provides us with plenty of options for bright lighting.

Strobe Lights

Strobe Lights

Strobe lights often come with warnings on them stating that they can cause migraines and seizures to humans so if you intend on using them then be careful as you set it up.

Raccoons, as mentioned previously hate bright lights and when it comes to strobe lights then there’s no better type of lighting that you can use.

You can buy a battery operated strobe lights on Amazon and one that is battery operated is better as you don’t have to run a power cable up to the attic.

It’s simply a case of placing the batteries inside and then leaving the light pointing towards the location of the coons.

Camping Light

Lit tent

Maybe you’re a keen camper and then if you have a tent then there’s a good chance that you have a camping light.

Although the camping light will not be as bright or annoying to the coons as a strobe light would be, the constant light will annoy it just as much as it would if you were trying to sleep.

If you don’t have one then you can pop out or just try Amazon as there’s plenty of affordable camping lights available to buy.

Disco Light/Ball

LED Disco Lights

These are not recommended for raccoon entertainment purposes…

The LED disco party lights will surround the raccoons and annoy them to the point where they’ll hopefully be out of town in no time.

You can try adding another of my recommended raccoon eviction items from below that will also provide loud and anoying noises at the same time to get on the nerves of your new lodger.

That’s it for lights, now try my noise annoyances below

Noise Irritants