What to Do If Your Dog Fights a Raccoon?

Vet attending dog

If your dog fights a raccoon and is bitten then you should seek urgent veterinary treatment for your dog.

You may not think the bite is that serious but even the smallest break of the skin could become infected and potentially kill or at least make your pet extremely ill.

Don’t forget that raccoons carry lots of diseases and just because the coon isn’t acting strangely or appears healthy doesn’t mean it isn’t disease ridden.

To prevent the raccoon from returning remove all potential food and water sources from the area they came to.

A Few Quick Tips

For some, it can be quite funny to see a dog go crazy at a raccoon but be very careful if your dog fights a raccoon and here’s why…

  1. Firstly, dogs and raccoons do not get on so, therefore, if there are active raccoons in your neighborhood then you should take preventative precautions to prevent them from fighting or biting each other by keeping them away from each other.
  2. Secondly, the saliva of a raccoon contains rabies, therefore, there would be a good chance that the virus could well have been passed to your canine friend and therefore a trip to the veterinary clinic.  Ensure that your dogs’ vaccinations are up to date.
  3. And finally, most raccoons will avoid any type of confrontation with a dog unless the coon is rabid or there is a delicious meal very close by worth fighting for.  Ensure all food is removed from your yard.

Raccoon vs Dog, Who wins the fight?

Boxing gloves

Domestic dogs are tame animals and raccoons are wild and kill smaller creatures to survive so that in itself should pretty much answer your question.

Normally, raccoons avoid dogs but if it came to an out and out fight a very large dog has the capability to injure or kill a coon.

The problem you will have with your dog fighting a raccoon is not the actual fight itself but the repercussions if your dog is injured by the coon.

Even if your dog gets into a maul with the coon and the raccoon limps off you need to be very watchful of your dog and ensure that it has not been bitten or scratched that could later lead to life-threatening problems.

Raccoons are disease ridden but cute looking wild animals and should be treated as the latter, wild animals…

Can a Raccoon Kill a Dog?

Raccoons have razor sharp teeth, strong arms and very strong claws.  Generally, a coon will stay well away from your dog unless it is cornered in your yard or has its young nearby.

A coon will fight to the death to protect its young but the majority of times a raccoon will keep out the way of a domestic dog.

That is normally the best course of action because even if a raccoon only scratches your pet if the scratch is not detected then it can easily become infected and then eventually kill your dog.

Raccoons really are that dangerous…

Normally though in a straight out fight to the death a large dog would kill a raccoon in a fight.