What do Gophers Look Like?

Picture of a Gopher eating

What the Gopher Looks like

The body of the gopher is approximately 8 inches long and very compact but powerful, whilst its tail and legs are relatively short.

The neck and head section are quite pronounced and in its mouth, it has four wide incisors, which consist of two on each jaw (quite long) which are ideal considering its feeding tendencies of roots and vegetation.

When fully grown, an adult gopher will measure approximately 8 inches and then an additional 2/3 inches for the tail.  The eyes and ears of a gopher are very small.

The gopher has two large food carrying pouches where it carries its recently acquired food where it may take it to its young.

The pouches are also used to store earth that has been excavated whilst digging until it can be deposited into small hills.

Gophers are avid diggers they are a nuisance to American farmers as they not only enjoy digging up the fields but they also infest the surrounding area and eat the crops.