What Do Coyotes Eat? List of Food Types

Coyote with carcas

Do you have problems with coyotes and you’re wondering what do coyotes eat?

Good question…

Here is a list of a Coyote’s Favorite Food?

As carnivores, their meals can be animals like…

  • Deer
  • Rodents and rabbits
  • Small Livestock
  • Birds
  • Lizards
  • Feral & Outdoor Cats
  • Fish
  • Snakes
  • Almost any fleshy organism they come across…

However, they will also eat fruit, juniper berries, and eggs, pretty much everything it seems…

It is beneficial that some of these animals listed above have the coyote as their predator as this helps keeps levels under control

So, their feeding habits are not that bad…

With these, you would see by now what roles coyotes play in maintaining the ecosystem.

Coyote Feeding Habits

The coyote is considered a purely carnivorous animal.

For example, we can mention birds above, whilst they also consume all types of reptiles and certain mammals such as rabbits, shrews or mice.

However, in some cases, they also tend to eat some fruits that may be lying on the ground, and there are many occasions in which they will also eat carrion (the decaying flesh of dead animals).

The Coyotes have the ability to find food in all kinds of habitats and this has changed a lot for them due to the expansion of human beings.

They are considered in certain areas as a kind of plague, and thanks to the fact that there is a very high number of them, the animals have been considered as legal to hunt almost all through the year.

Although, they sometimes decrease in number, this gives them extra help to thrive.

We also know that coyotes have a diet that is considered quite opportunistic.

Generally, they can consume various types of mammals; as we mentioned before, such as rabbits, rodents, etc.

Sometimes, coyotes can have many problems getting different types of food.

For this reason, they resort to the consumption of many types of insects, although it’s something that is not very common from them.