Tips to Help Trappers Catch Raccoons

Are you wanting to trap raccoons or just a single raccoon?

Raccoon Trapped

Raccoon Trap

If yes, then we can help you become a more knowledgeable trapper with the tips and advice below.

  1. Raccoons will regularly travel very near to their homes and this is noticeable by there normally being a well-trodden path to where they go to water, a creek or marshland.  Placing a trap on the path that is trodden down by the Raccoon can be the best place at trying to trap the raccoon.
  2. Try placing a hollow log that measures around a foot to 2 feet in length which is wide enough for a raccoon to enter.  Lay it in water no deeper than knee high and about a couple of feet away from land.  Put some delicious raccoon food into the hollow log to attract the coon and then set your trap near the bank in very shallow water where you would expect the raccoon to walk to get to the log with the food in it.
  3. Where you are hunting, can you see any trees that have fallen that would provide a perfect crossing for animals to pass over the stream, river, or lake?  If so, cut out a flat section in the tree and here you can set your trap.  To hide the trap place mud and dirt to cover it up but to attract the raccoon to the trap you can place some canned fish.  Another method to get the raccoon to step on the trap, you can make it awkward for the coon to take any other path by placing obstacles in the way so the best way to cross the water would be over the line of the trap.
  4. Do you see raccoons swimming in the water?  Then try this method.  Go to a section of the bank where the water meets the banking and dig out a hole about 8-10 inches.  Place the strong-smelling bait at the back of the hole in the bank and set your trap at the front of the hole.  When the coon smells the bait it will be attracted to the hole and will attempt to go into the hole to retrieve the food.  This is when the trap will be triggered.
  5. Make a single entry pen from sticks and brush and place the bait at the back of the enclosure.  At the entrance place your trap and make it well camouflaged.  The trap will be triggered by entering the pen for food.  The best food to use as bait for the raccoon is chicken or fish.
  6. Try covering cloth with fish oil and hang it from a branch above the trap.  As the raccoon attempts to reach the fish soaked cloth the trap will be triggered when it steps on it.

Some of these methods of trapping raccoons are very simple but this can be used as a quick reference guide.  Should you have any more ideas or tips then contact us with them.