How To Stop Raccoons Climbing? [Full Help Guide]

Are you having a real problem with raccoons climbing trees on your yard or neighborhood?

raccoon climbing

Then don’t panic as we can help…

We’ve written a detailed guide below with lots of tips and new ideas to stop raccoons from climbing popular structures such as trees and outbuildings.

Whilst also giving you that much-needed advice on how to stop raccoons from bothering your chickens and how to have a raccoon-proof chicken coop.

Check out the guide below, where we talk you through exactly how to stop raccoons climbing near you.

New tips added regularly

Here’s Why You Must Stop Raccoons from climbing (and Quick)

A raccoon that visits your home frequently is bad but a coon that decides to start nesting and breeding in your trees or another safe area is a whole different ball game.

Raccoons nesting in a tree

Therefore, preventing coons from climbing either in your own yard or near your home is extremely important.

Prevent nesting before it can happen!

If you follow this advice below there’s a good chance that some of these or all of these methods below will stop those pesky and destructive coons from climbing near you.

Here’s a list of popular hotspots;

  1. Brick Walls
  2. Gutters
  3. Wooden Fences
  4. Chicken  Coops
  5. Edge of House
  6. Garage
Some prevention methods are similar but can work for a wide range of different structures and more than just the one I may recommend it for.

How to Stop Raccoons Climbing | Quick…

Tip 1 – Use a Repellant

Some people would prefer something a little more robust or harsher but quite often the best raccoon repellant is to use the smell of one of their predators.

So what is a predator of the Raccoon?

Here’s a list of predators of the raccoon.

  1. Domestic Dogs
  2. Coyotes
  3. Bobcats
  4. Large Owls
  5. Eagles
  6. Cougars

Now I don’t expect you to attempt to buy one of the above to use to repel a raccoon but their urine can be bought and even pellets that contain the odor of these animals are readily available and easily bought (Available on Amazon).

Domestic Dogs

dog urinating on tree

If you own a dog then it would be a great idea to take your dog to the problem tree and let it urinate up it or spend some time around it.

The dog doesn’t have to urinate but just by spending time around the tree will leave a scent that is recognizable by a coon and will definitely deter it from hanging around for long.

There are a few more unpleasant things you can try during the early stages involving your dog and one could be to keep the feces of your animal in a bag and place it around the trunk of the tree or preferable hang it from one of the lower tree branches so the scented bag moves as the wind blows.

Please note:  I understand the last method is not the most hygienic method but it can be quite an effective method but you must ensure that the excrement is suitably disposed of afterwards and that you have thoroughly washed your hands too.

Porcupine Wire

Porcupine wire

Using porcupine along regular raccoon walkways is ideal to stop them from walking and climbing freely.

There are lots of places where you can place it but just be careful where children are involved as they like to explore and are very curious and the last thing you would want is to injure your child.

The best places to attach porcupine wire is around the trunk of a tree, along with the top of a fence and also along a wall.

Also, be careful if your pets tend to hang around these places as the last thing you want is a huge vet bill.