How to Keep Coyotes Away? [10 Tips That Work]

coyote lying in park

Are you fed up of coyotes and want to know how to keep coyotes out of your yard and prevent them from damaging your property or threatening your pets?

Take a look at my tips below to help keep coyotes away.

Coyotes are adaptable creatures and are quick to seize an opportunity.

They are small, intelligent animals that can make their way to many places by digging tunnels under sheds and buildings.

These creatures are nocturnal predators and are known to eat garbage and attack cats and other smaller animals.

10 Tips to Keep Coyotes Away

Although they are very clever and intelligent, there are many ways that you can discourage them from digging or hunting in your yard or garden. Below are a few of my tips on how to keep coyotes out of your yard:

  1. Install Coyote Rollers
  2. Get rid of your wastes
  3. Use trash containers
  4. Watch what you use for organic fertilizers
  5. Use coyote repellents
  6. Keep your pets indoors at night
  7. Protect your farm animals at night
  8. Eliminate rodents
  9. Scare them when you see them
  10. Install special lighting


Tip 1 – Install Coyote Rollers

Coyote rollers are aluminum ribbed rollers made to prevent predators such as foxes, coyotes, etc from having access to the foothold which they need to climb up to a fence.

It is safe to use, simple to install and doesn’t need to be plugged to a power source.

Tip 2 – Get rid of your waste

You have to get rid of your composts, garbage or food waste in your yard or garden. Leaving food in these places will attract wild animals like coyotes or foxes, and encourages them to return.

You should also clean the fallen fruits from trees.

Tip 3 – Use trash containers

Place all trash in cans or containers with a tightly closed lid. Coyotes can break and tear plastic bags left outside during the night.

The use of garbage cans prevents coyotes from reaching the bags and its also a good idea to buy extra strong trash liners to prevent the smell from leaking from the bags too.

Tip 4 – Watch which organic fertilizers you use

The smell and easy access to organic materials left in a compost pile attract coyotes. Avoid using bones or fish bones as organic fertilizers in your garden. The fox can confuse its smell with that of its food and will look for it.

Use alternative organic fertilizers such as coffee seeds or diluted beer.

Tip 5 – Use coyote repellents

Soak rags or wood with some natural coyote repellent such as wolf, bear or cougar urine. Place the rags or wood in all coyote holes or excavations in your yard to deter the animal from returning to the area.

Replenish after rainfall as the rain will dilute the smell.

Tip 6 – Keep your pets indoors at night

Keep your pets indoors during the night. Small pets such as cats or small dogs are easy prey for coyotes. Keep them indoors when these hunting animals are most active at night to protect them and discourage coyotes from going to your yard to look for pets.

Tip 7 – Protect your farm animals at night

Keep all farm animals such as chickens or rabbits in a secure chicken coop at night. Place the animals in a roost with a solid floor to prevent the foxes from digging into the shelter and place a lock on the door of the henhouse.

Tip 8 – Eliminate rodents

It is typical of coyotes to hunt for rodents at night. If they’ve been getting their prey around your yard, they’ll definitely come back.

Hence, eliminate the population of rodents as much as possible by placing traps. using repellents for rodents whilst also keeping trash from lying around your yard.

Tip 9 – Scare them away

Whenever you see a coyote then you can move your arms and scream at them.

Do not deliberately feed a coyote as they are wild animals.

Teach your children what a coyote looks like and explain that they are not dogs and that they must be kept away.

Tip 10 – Install special lighting

Last but not least, you can also install lights with motion sensors around your yard or your homestead. Coyotes are shy and very scared of humans and the light will scare them.

This could mean a lot of work but rest assured, you will not have to worry about losing more chickens, pets or having your property being intruded at night.