How to Get Rid of Muskrats? [10 Tips That WORK]

Muskrat swimming

The Muskrat

If you’re having problems with muskrats then left untreated it could cause you huge expense in the long term.

So if you want to know how to get muskrats out your boat, lake, pond or prevent them from causing damage to your property then read our guide below

Check out my tips below on what you can do to help keep the muskrats at bay.

10 Tips to Keep Muskrats Away

Whilst they may not be the most common pest, they are definitely a nuisance and there is plenty of methods to help discourage them from nesting in the area and destroying your property.

  1. Box Traps
  2. Air Rifles
  3. Double Spring Traps
  4. Pond Liner
  5. Floating Nets
  6. Remove Vegetation
  7. Rodent Repellent Spray
  8. Ultrasonic Rodent Repellents
  9. Natural Predators
  10. Fencing


Tip 1 – Install Box Traps

Box traps are a great way of humanely handling any invading muskrats and you can bait them with fruit/vegetables and you can re-home them in an area far away from where you caught them.

They are simple to use, relatively cheap and can be used multiple times.

Tip 2 – Air Rifles

Shooting muskrats is one of the most efficient ways to be rid of the pest and you can even eat the muskrat so it’s not killed for no reason.

Air rifles have a wide price range but a mid-range air rifle will be powerful enough to sort your pest problem.

Tip 3 – Double Spring Traps

These are easy to set up and can be placed in multiple locations with bait such as fruit/vegetables to attract the muskrats and catch them.

For these to be effective you need to limit their food sources in other areas.

Tip 4 – Pond Liner

Ideally, you want to install this before your pond is filled with water to prevent them being able to nest but you can place it around the banks.

Pond liner stops muskrats from being able to burrow, ensure you cover the area well.

Tip 5 – Floating Nets

Having a cover over your pond will stop any rodents from entering your pond, but this method is better for smaller bodies of water.

You can use stones around your pond to hold it down, helping it blend into the environment.

Tip 6 – Remove Vegetation

Removing all food sources (vegetation) from your body of water will force the muskrats to relocate.

You will need to remove underwater vegetation too.

Tip 7 – Rodent Repellent Spray

If you’re looking to keep them out of your boat then this is a very effective method as the sprays allow you to protect all areas of your boat/property and deter the invading pest.

Tip 8 – Ultrasonic Rodent Repellent

Place the devices around the perimeter of the area you want to deter the pests from entering, you will not be able to hear the sound emitted from these devices but I’d recommend you leave it on permanently for the best results.

There’s a chance that you will see an increase in insect activity when you first begin using this device, this is a positive sign that the device is working.

These powerful ultrasonic sound emitting devices help deter a wide range of pests from mosquitoes to rodents.

Tip 9 – Attract Predators

This is your way of helping nature take its course naturally. If you install boxes for owls/eagles/hawks to nest in then you are likely to see a decrease in the muskrat population.

Snapping turtles are also effective and can make a nice pet for your pond.

The downside to having natural predators in the area is that they will also feed on fish, so this method is best for more natural bodies of water unless you don’t have any fish.

Tip 10 – Fencing

Building a perimeter around your water body will stop the muskrats from being able to nest but this is just a preventative measure and can’t help a preexisting problem.

Fencing also adds a nice feature to your property but you must ensure there is no gaps the muskrats can get through.