Can you tame a Bobcat?

No you cannot totally tame a bobcat, many people have tried to domesticate bobcats and the results can sometimes be devastating.

In this video below is a young child showing off in front of the camera for likes and shares, it’s really irritating as this is partly why bobcats have such a bad reputation.

It doesn’t go wild, it is wild and is being goaded from start till the end.

Maybe one day, if people want to own such an animal then maybe there should be a few kept in captivation to have the ‘wild’ bred out of them, but that will be years to come.

These animals are rightly termed “wild” and are different from domestic animals such as dogs, cats and others.

However, like many wild animals, the Bobcats usually seem to be very tame while they are still young.

Check out this video to see the harm they can do to an adult.

Meanwhile, while they are maturing, they will gradually begin to exhibit their “wild” characteristics.

Here’s a video that shows well looked after bobcats but even the owners here say that there bobcats can bite harder than they’d like.

Also note that they have no other pets.

At this stage, they are really unsuitable as domestic or household pets. They may viciously attack unfamiliar children, and other pets in the home.

In summary, wild animals are wild and can never be tame. If at all they are, they can’t be for long.