Do Raccoons Attack Cats & Dogs?

Family of raccoons

Raccoons near Food

Do you have coons in your neighborhood and want to know whether a raccoon would attack your pet dog or cat?

The answer is yes, a raccoon could attack your pet but there’s a bit more to it than that.

Every scenario is different such as whether the coon is hungry, feels threatened, is rabid or has young nearby.

Will a Raccoon Attack a Dog or Cat If Hungry?

9 times out of 10 raccoons will stay well away from humans and domesticated pets unless there is food or water around.

Raccoons are omnivores which means that they will eat a large variety of foods including plant and animals, therefore, the bright lights of a busy, big city is a food haven.

Check out these videos below and they will back up my message that some coons will attack ferociously and even kill your pet, whilst others will totally ignore the threat you cat or dog is posing and concentrate on the food or just run off.

Please Note: All Raccoons have the ability to kill your pet

(Cats & Dogs v Raccoons)

Less Ferocious Cat v Raccoon


Leaving food or food scraps outdoors entices raccoons to the larger towns and cities and now they’ve made it their home.