Will a Coyote Attack My Dog? | Coyote v Dog

coyote v dog

Dog owners should be aware that coyotes will attack a dog and in some cases, they will snatch smaller breeds of dog to kill and eat as food.

Larger dogs breeds are similarly matched to coyotes in terms of size and strength.

However, Coyotes have more of a killer instinct due to living in a wild habitat and can cause severe and sometimes even fatal damage even to larger breeds.

Follow my guide below on how to protect your dog from a coyote.

How to Protect My Dog from Coyotes?

There are lots of ways to keep your dogs safe while walking and even in your yard.  Check out my top tips to keep your dog safe from coyote attacks.

Coyote Rollers

The simple but very effective attack prevention rollers help to prevent a coyote from entering your yard, whilst also preventing your dog from climbing over to get at the intruding coyote.

Coyote Vest

Wrap your dog in an armored vest and feel better in yourself that any attack may be very short or hopefully prevented by having this protective coat.

Check it out here.

Do Not Feed Coyotes

A natural instinct of a coyote, like most other wild animals, is to reproduce and survive.

Should you begin to feed coyotes or maybe you’re inadvertently feeding them by leaving your trash accessible to coyotes then they will visit your yard but there is also a chance of them moving closer to your neighborhood.

Other unintentional coyote food sources include; pet food, bird feeders, compost piles and vegetable gardens.

Never Leave Your Dog Unattended

It’s very convenient to let your dog roam in your yard, maybe you let him/her out for the toilet before you go to work.

If this is you then this could be the last time you see your pet dog.  Be warned.

Keep your Dog on the Leash

If you’re in a high-risk coyote area where you know that coyotes roam then ensure you give your dog an on the leash walk.  This is to protect both your dog and yourself.

Coyote v Small Dog

If you own a small dog then ensuring it is on the leash is an absolute necessity as coyotes will simply snatch your dog around the neck area and snap it immediately rendering your small dog defenseless.

See this short video as proof of a close encounter. (Happy ending)

It is always a great idea to carry protection against coyotes such as; large walking stick, carry a gun, carry stones in your pocket,

Coyote v Large Dog

Whilst larger dogs will have a much better chance of survival in a fight with a coyote it is still best to avoid any problem by keeping your dog on the leash.

Larger dogs will often be tempted to chase lone coyotes but the problem is that sometimes coyotes will hunt in pairs (not that common) and your dog could be in big trouble should this be the case.

Normally, a coyote v large dog would not end in death and would result in a very fierce fight with normally the coyote retreating.

Do coyotes eat humans?

The facts prove that there’s a very good chance that you will not be killed by a coyote but they do have the ability to kill if necessary.

Normally, coyotes will run away from humans unless they are cornered and more than likely they will bite you but not continue the attack and then flee to safety.

Only two cases in the United States have been reported where a coyote has killed a human so you’d be very unlucky to be the third.

Do coyotes attack during the day?

Coyotes will attack during the day and attacks increase greatly during the breeding seasons which runs from January through to March.

Your dog may also be at risk if it is in the territory of a coyote and especially if it has young nearby.  This is why I suggested above that your dog should be kept on its leash during a walk, especially from January to March.

So, what are Coyotes scared of?

Although I mentioned that coyotes can attack and bite humans they are actually scared of humans and will normally scarper at the first sign of a human.

Coyotes main predators are wolves, bears and mountain lions.