Will My Home Insurance Cover Termite Damage? – Find Out Here

You might be wondering if your home insurance will cover termite damage, or what type of insurance you need for termites?

Home insurance usually does not cover damage from termites as this is there to cover you from accidents that are sudden and unexpected.

It’s estimated that US residents could be spending up to $7 billion each year on termite control and repairing damage caused by the pest, this is why you should do everything you can to protect yourself.

Where Can I Get Termite Insurance?

There are various companies that offer this type of insurance, first of all I’d recommend contacting your home insurance provider and inquire about their termite policy and find out if it’s something they can add on to your current policy.

If that fails, there are some pest removal companies that offer this insurance as an incentive to have a recurring monthly fee with them.

burning money

Termite damage can cost thousands

How Much Does Termite Insurance Cost?

This varies by area and provider but the average cost is $300 annually, this does not include any preventative treatments but will involve an annual inspection where you will be given a certificate confirming you are currently termite free.

Having annual checks reduce the amount of damage termites are able to cause within your home as they have a limited window to grow their colony.

There’s plenty of benefits to having termite insurance:

  • Annual Certified Inspection
  • Free Termite Removal
  • Free Repairs
  • Save Yourself $$$

I’d highly recommend insurance if you are in an area prone to infestations, it can save you thousands if they happen to cause any damage.

Also, ensure that you get a property inspected before you purchase it. The last thing you want to find is a preexisting termite colony eating through the core of your home.